Spayne Lindsay & Co.

The Client

Spayne Lindsay & Co. is an independent corporate finance firm providing high quality, bespoke advisory services to corporate clients, financial investors and entrepreneurs. They reached out to Graphic Booth to create a modern website to display the latest deals and team information alongside their existing branding. Their old website was last developed back in 2004 and an overhaul was required.

The Brief

Firstly the team researched businesses that had similar core values to Spayne Lindsay. It was essential that the team communicated the information to the end user clearly and effectively. We listened to the needs of Spayne Lindsay and the importance of the deal announcements and showcasing them to prospective clients.

The Outcome

We designed and built the website by creating a bespoke template on the popular WordPress CMS as the client required some ability to edit and maintain when there was no need for development resource. We still maintain the website on a monthly basis and add new deal announcements when required.


The website has stood the test of time and is still as stylish and elegant as it was when it was first created. Through maintaining the software and ensuring that any plugins are fully up to date, the website still remains an integral part to the Spayne Lindsay identity. With plans to redevelop in the near future we hope to develop on our success.

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