The Green Lab

The Client

The Green Lab, due to open in Q4 2019 will soon become the top destination for health food and lifestyle training in Manchester’s Norther Quarter. Graphic Booth were approached to create a branding concept for this new venture between sisters Nikita and Kanika Banga.

The Brief

The team were keen to use symbols subjective to both the new brand but also that of the historic area in which The Green Lab will be located. The designers started by sketching a dozen or so designs before these were condensed and then presented to the client.

The Outcome

Utilising the latest trends and carefully selecting key components from the already established market place, we delivered 3 strong brand options for The Green Lab team to choose from. Creating mocks so that the client could see how the identity would take shape in the space they are developing.


The project displays just how unique a brand can be when thought and consideration is taken to create and incorporate shapes and elements to a new design. A brand is not just a font or a name but it is also an identity and a statement to your customers and beyond.

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